Faded Blue Biker Jeans jackets
Faded Blue Biker Jeans jackets Faded Blue Biker Jeans jackets

Faded Blue Biker Jeans jackets

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Mens Biker Jean Jacket CE approved Latest 2010 design...
supplied in semi-faded Blue.The Technical Stuff 
is a soft knitted non-abrasive material and is comfortable
against the skin. The fabric is unique in construction
and offers breathability and flexibility.
The material itself is designed to dissipate heat
quickly and distribute air evenly through the fibres.
is a man made fibre, which offers incredible protection
against abrasion, cuts and heat. Five times stronger
than steel pound for pound, flame resistant up to 400 degrees
Celsius and exceptionally cut and slash resistant.
in various forms is used in ropes that tie up ships,
clothing worn by saw-millers, fire-fighters, glass handlers and air force pilots,
tank armour, aeroplane wings and lightweight canoes. Probably
the best known is the production of bullet proof vests!
Although constructed in a different way (lets face it
who wants to wear a bullet proof vest on their arse!)
torn or damaged in any way apart from manually cutting with
scissors and the like.

Faded Blue Biker Jeans Jackets


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